Harris Hauge S1/C

Starting log—Jan. 12, 1945—Seattle, Wash.


Went on last liberty with Wolfe last night & met his Seattle girl who is good & rather pretty.  My partner was nice but not pretty.

Today we loaded troops.  Tonight we sail.


Jan. 13

Have been sailing south all day.  We are having the roughest sea I’ve seen but the salts say it’s nothing.  There are many seasick men on aboard especially among the troops.  We have 36 civilians on board.  Many of the troops are negro.

Jan 15

The storm continues.  One man is missing—believed to be overboard.  Last night several men were injured from shifting tables etc. but not seriously.  Listened to Rdo. Tokyo last night.  Heard music, the Tokyo Rose & news broadcast.

Expect storm will let up today.  Are traveling in a beeline for Pearl.  1600 mi. to go.  Swayed 26 degrees once last night.  Our MAA was put in a padded cell today—been working too hard.  Bennett, ch. Bosn, became MAA

16 Jan

Today we found out for sure that we are going to Hawaii.  About noon we got an SOS from a tanker, the Paul M. Gregg, which was on fire.  They finally abandoned ship.  The ship was 600 mi. from us, close to S.F.

17 Jan

——————– Heard that missing kid was crapped out—he got 2 days pier & punk.  MAA who went nuts is O.K. now

18 Jan

Getting into Semi-tropics—Enjoying trip very much.  Air salty & warm.  Should reach Pearl in 2 days.  Bought small stores—shoes, sweater, dungarees, etc.  Started copying NPM as well as NPG—NPM Jump Fox that is

19 Jan

Got Paid $22.  Sea very blue starting yesterday.  It is green close by the states.  Very beautiful sea  Saw many albatross—no whales this trip.

20 Jan  XXX

Arrived at Honolulu—Band waiting for us played aloha first & then marches.  Troops disembarked.  Some pretty scenery.  I was much impressed.  Pearl Harbor is close to Honolulu (6 mi.) but will not be going there.  Much construction going on here many APA’s in port.  Climate very warm

Land was sighted early this morning—docked by mid-afternoon

21 Jan

Port had liberty.  Starboard gets it tomorrow which includes me.  Went ashore last night in dungarees to the canteen—also went this afternoon—gorged myself on pineapple juice & ice cream.  Climate here is like June in Minnesota—sunny—very nice.  It’s pretty here but not as wonderful as it’s pictured.  Took sun bath.

22 Jan

Went on liberty in Honolulu today.  I wore my whites for the first time on liberty & also a brand new pair of shoes.  I went with Wolfe & Kasan.  We rented bikes & rode around—along palm shaded lanes & up mountainsides.  It was beautiful.  There were many pretty flowers & much other vegetation.  We were out to Waikiki beach & in the Royal Hawaiian hotel which is now all navy.  We walked around the hotel grounds.  It was like a paradise.  We went close to the Diamond head but not to the top. The climate was warm & sunny.  Town was all sailors—also many Chinese, half-castes, etc.  Received much mail today & last night—12 letters in all.  Marely wrote she will be married in June or Sept.  It doesn’t seem likely now that we will return to the states for some time as we are assigned to a Jack force.  Islands are very hilly & rugged.  Wrote letter home tonight—first in several days

23 Jan.

Nothing new.  Have midwatch tonight.  Liberty tomorrow.

24 Jan.

Ship moved to Pearl Harbor.  It certainly is big.  There are more ships here than I thought existed.  Many of them are APA’s.  The harbor water is filthy with oil etc.  Went ashore to the sub base canteen.  Didn’t have time to go to Honolulu.  Pearl harboris busy & congested.  I can see why the Japs wanted to bomb it.  Saw no evidence of bombing.  Some fellows saw ships that were still being repaired.  Saw many subs

25 Jan

Still at Pearl but moved to new berthing.  Got a good look at Ford field from Bridge.  It is on an island.  Took sun bath on top of 20 MM clipping room   Many planes here.  Continuous roar overhead.  Hickam field, army, I haven’t seen.  Received fox msg thatsaid:  Inform Robert  Miller/ Fridays Papa is dead—Miller was on antelope

26 Jan

Missed our call today.  One hour later msg was sent & I got it.  No trouble about it yet.  Bought Lanco watch at $21.50. We drew numbers for choice.

27 Jan

Capts. inspection.  Swapped liberties with Waslif.  Took his liberty today.  He gets mine tomorrow. Went to Honolulu.  Had banana split.  Dropped in at U.S.O—biggest U.S.O. I’ve seen.  Went to movie.  Was car accident—civy was hurt.  Didn’t see accident but saw man put in ambulance & many S.p.’s, M.p’s & civy cops around.  Saw “Casanova Brown” on board ship at no. 2 hatch—very good

28 Jan

Working party this morning—was ashore 3 hrs. but only worked about 10 min.  spent rest of time shooting the breeze with a New York kid.  Took Wop’s watch this afternoon.  Got letter from Pat Mayor.

29 Jan

Ship moved back to Honolulu from Pearl Harbor.  Took Shower, got haircut.  Some repairs were made on radar at Pearl

30 Jan

This morning all hands, officers & all, had services on dock.  Loaded ammunition today—I didn’t help.  I helped store life belts this afternoon—Slept all morning.  This evening I went to the canteen, ate ice cream, drank coke etc.  Then I went over to Sarah’s house.  Many Navarro men were there.  She sang a little & shot the dirty breeze.  We were all under a tent.  Then Danny, her brother came home drunk.  He gave me & 4 others a glass of Hawaiian champaign.  Rather good stuff.

31 Jan.

This morning & last night we loaded air strips, jeeps & ammunition of all kinds—army & navy.  Also this morning we loaded troops & some cost guard.

This afternoon at 1500 we sailed from Honolulu, Oahu to unknown parts. We are sailing south.  There is much speculation as to our destination but no one knows.  Rumors say a 2 day trip to Guadalcanal.  Received box of cookies from Inga & 2 letters from Kay after almost a months silence

1 Feb

Sailed south all day.  Climate warm & sunny—water blue.  Someone said I rate 2 ribbons now—American & Pacific theatre—seems strange because I’ve seen no action.  4 section watch now & only Fox to copy.  Nice deal.

2 Feb

List of Rates came out effective Feb 1.  I am now RM 3/C.  Hallan, Wasif, Jacobson & Johnson also were rated.  Still sailing southwest in nice weather.

3 Feb

Saw my first flying fish although some fellows have seen them several days ago.  Heard that we are definitely going to Guadalcanal.  The rumor has been for a long time that we were.

4 Feb

Climate the last days has been cloudy, sultry & hot.  It will be hot from now on.  Initiation of Polywogs began today—have escaped so far.  Cross equator tomorrow morning.  Officers are scrubbing deck & standing equator watch.

5 Feb

At Longitude 176.01.00 crossed equator at 0300 this morning.  From 0800 to 1200 we had initiation.  I’m a shellback now.  Payday this afternoon.  Got $22  Executive O. gave me my haircut.  Army & Coast Guard were initiated too.  One soldier fainted.  2 others were slightly injured.  Many frightened.

7 Feb

We skipped a day last night as we crossed international date line.  Now member of Golden dragon society as well as of ancient order of deep.  Dental check up—1 tooth needs filling.  (Saw med. Records—eye 8/20 to 18/20.varicoule-left; bilateral relaxed rings—defects)  Got Heine Haircut

8 Feb.

We are now 12 hrs ahead of Greenwich time.  Made dental appointment for 1500 Feb 12.

9 Feb

Slept on deck in one of the lifeboats last night—very nice.  Shall do it as often as possible.  Field day.  Afternoon watch.  Filled out Shellback certificate.  Still sailing toward Guadalcanal.  Saw 4 Sub Chasers tonight.  First object I’ve sighted since Oahuexcept porpoise & flying fish.

10 Feb

It took 9 days almost to the hour to go from Oahu to Guadalcanal.  We started passing Islands of the Solomon Group early this morning.  This afternoon we pulled into Guadalcanal.  We passed between Malaita (Tulage) & Guad coming in.  Both islands are big with small islands around them.  Guad especially has lots of smoke puffs on shore.  They say there are still Japs around here.

Don’t wear much clothes around here. Climate very warm.  Tried to sleep on deck last nite but it started to rain.  Morning watch today.

Tonight we disembarked the troops & coast guard.  “Canal” hasn’t much on it—much vegetation & a few barracks—no city.  Henderson field is inland.  Savo Is. is at the west end of Guad.  Big battles went on around here.  Passed between Gilbert &Ellice Is. Coming from Oahu to Guad.  I heard that the Sullivan boys were killed near Savo Is.  Many ships—Jap & American are at the bottom of this bay—they call it the Iron Clad harbor.  There aren’t more than a doz. Ships around hear & most of them are small.  Several APA’s—nos 5, 28, & 200.  Got 3 letters, first since Oahu—from Pink, Rag, Kay

11 Feb.

Went ashore at Lunga Pt today.  Covered lots of space during time ashore but missed  ?? island is big.  Main things missed were mts., Henderson field, etc.
Went swimming on beach.  Ate Ice cream & coke at canteen & got candy at PX.  Saw cemetery.  Lots of crosses—about 2000—many unidentified.  Only one tombstone—Gunner Knut Larsen born 1925-died 1943.  Stone put in his honor by shipmates of the S/S Torrence.  Born at Sondus, Norway.  Natives friendly & can speak a little English.  Only money they talk of is $1, $2, $3, & $5.  one tried to sell me a “cat’s eye” for $1.  Natives strange looking to me.  Many palm trees on Island.  Did some x mitting today—went good.  Calling station used wrong call sign at first.  Lobo said I have good fist.  Dog Dog told of American & Jap atrocities & battles at Guadal—he’s gone through much.  Heard Bob Gough is getting purple heart.

12 Feb.

At about 1400 we saild for Russell islands & arrived in the evening.  Had tooth filled this afternoon.  Very little time or pain.  Dr. Raftshal good dentist.  Russell Islands seem perfumed.  Their oder reaches the ship.

13 Feb

Still at Russell islands.  Have had quite a bit jamming over radio lately on fox & press.  Not much going on.

14 Feb

Still at Russell Islands.  Very hot—sweat much.  Condition IA all morning—drill.

15 Feb

Went ashore at yellow beach to the Lingatu Recreation Center—swam, drank grapefruit juice & ate coconuts.  Nice place & water very clear.  Got 3 cans of beer—gave one to Hallan, one to Clanahan & drank one myself.

16 Feb

Still at Russell Islands.  Haven’t gotten mail since Guadal.  Field day.  Afternoon watch

17 Feb

Went ashore at Lingatu again—did mostly the same as on the 15th.  Went on 3 section watch today—radiomen sore about it.

Still at Russells.  Slept all morning.  Afternoon watch

18 Feb

Still at Russell Is.

19 Feb

At Russell Is.

20 Feb

Have been in the stream at Russells so far but today moved to white beach—army base there.  Refueled from oiler & took on seebees & marines.  Seabees always carry packs, rifles & gas masks.


Ship crowded again especially in mess hall.  Still at white beach in Russells.  Copied stirring message (P.L.) from  Lincpac (aboa 97)

22 Feb

I learned we have part of the 1st marine division on board—veterans of Guadalcanal & Tulagi and the 245 Seabees.  The marines brought a small kitten aboard with them.  B&W

Was paid $30 today.

Raining Tonight


Morning watch—mid watch Field day & zone inspection

24 Feb

Moved this morning to an island with a strange name about 30 mi from white beach.  Army base here. 4 other APA’s in harbor.

Saw my first amphibious tanks today on manuevers in the harbor.  It rains almost every day.

Loaded supplies including some machinery.

25 Feb

Took on more troops so we are completely loaded.  We have a little of everything on board—Seabees, marines, MP’s, alligators, jeeps, supplies & machinery of many types & dogs.  Went back to yellow beach this afternoon after loading troops

Heard that Turkey declared war on Japan & Germany last nite.

The island we left today & have been at for a few days is Pavuvu.  We went back to yellow beach.

Marine told me he was to be on the ship for 45 days & then hit Islands between Formosa & Japan (hyukus)


At Yellow beach.  Late liberty today but staying aboard.  Morning watch—mid-watch tonight.  No mail for several days.  Heard Egypt declared war on axis yesterday.

27 Feb

28—at Russells

2 letters from K. at Russells-3 sec. watch

March 1

Left yellow beach this morning & have been cruising around Guadalcanal all day.  At sea tonight with a squadron of about 24 ships—all APA’s & AP’s.  Lots of dogs on board.  Com phib groups 4 call yesterday was AKRE.  Our voice call (P) is Frogtown-CW-NPQH.  Will be here on manuvers about 3 wks.with these ships.  Got 2 new SM & 1 RMs today (De Larber)

Farewell & 73 means—goodbye & good luck

2 March

Began manuvers.  Heard Tokyo rose

3 March

Manuvers—very little sleep received 1100 group msg this morning.

4 March

Holiday routine—2 letters from home.  9-10 thousand KCS

Radio Tokyo 9250

5 March

Slept all morning 1A all day without landings—landings tomorrow for overnite.  Dog Dog made RM2/C; Colston  & Harer RM1/C; Morales—Rt 3/C

6 March

1A all day—troops landed on Guadal & returned late afternoon.  Received msg by Com 1st Marine Div.  probably concerning dogs on board.  Msg xmitted to us by APA Burliegh–? 23 groups—Did a little xmitting too

7 March

Back at Sunlight Channel—yellow & white beaches close by no 1A.  aired bedding–rain–sack got wet.  Many men are breaking out due to heat—have been for some time.  I did a little.  ½ Sunken Jap ships along Guadal—Still Japs among hills

8 March

Got haircut—afternoon watch.  3 letters from home last night.  Got 2 Cokes for 15 cents.  Letter to pop.

9 March

Field day—At Sunlight Channel

10 March

Went ashore at white Beach—Lingatu.  On liberty.  Ship still in Sunlight Channel.  Went ashore with Colston, Hallan & Clanahan.  3 cans beer—gave 2 away.  Clan cut his thumb while opening coconut—not seriously.  ? Mid-watch tonite  First letter from Yolanda—answered it.

11 March

At Sunlight Channel.  Slept all morning.  Caught hell for not cleaning compartment.  Had cokes in evening.  Saw “Bills inc”

12 March

Increased War Bond allotment.  Wrote letters—Selma & Ma & Kay.

13 March

At Sunlight Channel


Still at S. C.  leave at 6 AM tomorrow on fairly long trip.  Got Letters from Kay & Pink.  Rain tonight so no movies.

15 March

Sailed this morning with large convoy—north west probably to Ulithi, Carolines.  Jake came back last night in the nick of time from Hospital ashore.

Ides of March

16 March

Still sailing northwest.  Set clock back 1 hr at 1700—now GCT 0000  local 1000.  Wrote letters to Mrs. Burns & Termite

Been much talk for many days & now seems certain we are to hit Okinawa.

17 March

  1. Patricks.  Still sailing.  GQ all day.  AM reading Botany Bay—very good

They say that Ernie Pyle is with this convoy on the AGC 13 Panamint.

18 March

Still sailing—Sun

19 March

Still sailing.  Received many OV, O, & OP msgs this morning on fox for F5 & ALL TFC’s F5.  Rumor is something should pop soon.

20 March

Still sailing—should arrive Ulithi tomorrow.  Payday but left money on books ($59)  Raining tonight

The Okinawa deal is supposed to be a big deal.  Ernie Pyle wouldn’t be with otherwise.

21 March

Arrived Ulithi this evening.  Shall be strict radio silence.  Jamming more troublesome around here than before.  Japs on other Caroline islands like Truk & Yap.  Have seen nothing around here yet but rafs

22 March

90 miles from Yap.  My 1st air raid alert tonight.  Some guys got excited others scared—didn’t bother me probably because I didn’t feel good.  Didn’t feel good because of Typhus & tetanus shots this afternoon.  My arm is sore & I feel like hell in general.  Received 1st mail in several days from Pink & Rag.  Received Lady of Lake   “Janie” playing in mess hall tonight.


Arm still sore but feel better.  On midwatch last night I almost passed out.  Many ships of all kinds around here.  Very many.  Meat ships, APA, AKA, battleships, carriers, subs, etc.  On air raid last night—no bombs, no AA.

Received more mail—15 letters in 2 days.

24 March

Slept all morning.  Saw “The very thought of you” last night.  Heard rumor last night that the Natrona (PA 214) was sunk at Iwo Jima.  Rumor also says only 1 man was lost.  Dirckx & several other RM buddies were on her.  Wonder if it’s true.

This forthcoming Okinawa deal holds no terrors for me.  I’m not especially brave so it’s strange that I’m not afraid or worried.  I rather look forward to it.

Still at Ulithi, Carolines.  Heard Termite had operation & is in hospital—don’t know what’s all about.

Heard Maud might get to finish school—hope so

25 March

At Ulithi

Sunday—Chaplin said next Sun—Easter—is D Day at Okinawa.  Turkey for dinner probably last good Sun. dinner for some boys.  April is Easter.  Last night carrier Frankin pulled in all banged up.  Several carriers around—one of them the Enterprise.  Frankinin very bad shape.  Saw in Cen Com 2 that Natrona wasn’t at Iwo so Dirckx should be safe.

Received letter from Betty Jean Jacoby & Mrs. Burns

26 March

6 days till d day—at Ulithi still.  Strange to hear boys talk.  Kid each other about death, last will of testaments, etc.

There will be church services every day this week.  I’ll try to attend some.

27 March

Went to church this morning.  Sailed from Ulithi this afternnon.

28 March

At sea headed for Okinawa  GQ this morning—nothing happened.  Saw Adescosa, Wolfe’s old ship, as we left Ulithi last night.  Many  O & OP msg on fox the last few days.  Water hours on till repairs are made.  Rough sea.  Set clock back 1 hr.

29 March

On Toward Okinawa—sea still rough becoming calmer

30 March

On to Okinawa!  Expect rough weather.  So far it’s been slightly rough but not bad.  Church services every day—have only managed to go once so far.  Japs announced yesterday that large American task force is moving toward Japan—us of course.

Got some invasion currency from Black.  Went on 2 section watch this noon

This PM fueled 2 DD’s Howard & Stanley.

31 March

Day before D-day—Everyone in good spirits—much kidding.  Climate cool here—actually chilly—using blankets for 1st time in 2 months—now approx 8,000 mi from Minn—1/3 way around world.

Famous words by officer to beach party:  when in doubt, haul ass # we are giving you flashlights but don’t use them at night.


It is now morning—expect planes & subs alerts today.  All well so far—tomorrow morning “it” starts.  Tokyo radio says we are going to invade Okinawa soon—how right they are.  Japs have it in for 1st marine Div. Because of Guadalcanal—call themGuadalcanal butchers.

Got Golden dragon certificate

Afternoon March 31 quiet.  Was on 608 all afternoon with no signals.  Midwatch tonite—2 section watch.  Reveille for crew at 2:30

Got “pep” talks this afternoon

April 2                                                                        Invasion on

Everything going smoothly:  we’ve had a few G. Q’s but no bombs dropped.  On land progress is good.  Got a few casualties yesterday.  We went out to sea last night.  Very busy in radio shack with 2 sec. watch.

April 1     2 pages back

On April 1 morning saw one Jap plane downed.  Smoke screen was laid for invasion.

3 April

Still at Okinawa.  We go out to sea every nite.  I’m rather tired but not unbearably so.  Everything going smoothly on land & sea.  We have unloaded 67%.  Beach party still ashore.  Now & then we hear booming ashore like opening of pheasant season back home with occasional banging of destroyers off shore.  Our planes continually bomb.

Wolfe swung at me & broke my rimmed glasses as I woke him for watch.  Weather has been very nice although a bit cloudy sometimes.  Very few casualties yet.  Some APA’s have Jap prisoners on board.  Air raids haven’t hurt us yet but heard a few ships were hit.

Reveille at 2:30 every morn.

^  Back # Easter April 1

Invasion morning was clear.  We rose early & a big moon was shining.  About 5 smoke screen was laid & troops disembarked.

Lovely day               Invasion on!

4 April

Beach party returned last night.  Black gave me a pair of Jap chopsticks.  Everything going smoothly.  Should shove off before long.  Hear there are many cameramen & reporters ashore—Ernie Pyle.

PM  . 1 hrs work unloading left.  Should leave tomorrow.

Convoy left for Pearl this afternoon.  We tried to make it but couldn’t because crane broke on beach & stopped work.  Hear Americans have cut Okinawa in half.

US casualties very light.  I hear about 150 so far, very few dead.

5 April

Rough sea today & last nite—some boats damaged.  2 man Jap sub around—fired torpedo but missed!  Is being hunted.  Navarro received “Well done” for this operation.  Torpedo was fired at ship ahead of us.  Finished unloading.  Sail tomorrow.  All going well on land.  We have air raid alerts often but planes never get through to us.

6 April

We should have left 2 days ago but we are still here at Okinawa.  Rad Tokyo was playing Strauss’ waltzes yesterday.

Early This morning I slept through 3 hrs. of G.Q.  Clanahan tried to wake me but couldn’t.

We have been taking casualties & then transfering them to a hospital ship later on.  We got a few more today.  Perhaps these we stay with us.

On land the Americans have 1/6 of Okin.

I wish we would sail.  Still 2 sec watch for us.  Nearmyer has us standing watch on 2196 when Henchman 4 told us we could secure.  He is strictly horseshit.

This evening we had a big air raid.  44 Jap planes downed.  10 suicide planes broke through & sunk four of our ships & damaged others (3 destroyers & LC.).  We shot 2 of our own planes down by mistake.  One Jap crashed near us.  A boatswain was injured by ack-ack while sight-seeing.  I was in rad 3 & didn’t see anything.  That was my closest shave so far but not so close at that.

7 April

Went on 4 sec watch—sailed from Okinawa this morning.  Now in TU 51.29.8

8 April

Sunday—went to church this AM.  Movies in mess hall this PM—Crime Doctor—had seen before.  Sailing SE toward Guam.  It was usually cloudy at Okinawa but now it’s sunny.  The weather is perfect.  With us are several APA’s, 21 cans & cruiserIndianapolis.  (TU51.29.8)  midwatch tonite.

Started reading  Penrod Jasper by B. T.  wrote letters today—home, Miss Jacoby & Mrs. Burns.  Haven’t written or received mail since March 25.

Only TBS & Fox to guard now.  We have some marine casualties aboard.  It is peaceful with only the crew around.

9 April

Stood 1st TBS watch last night—I executive signal.  Weather perfect—aired bedding.  Slept all morning—anniversary of (1) Lees surrender to Grant at Appomatox Court house (2) Norway invaded (3) Bataan Fell to Japanese.

10 April

Field day—nice weather.  Afternoon watch.  Am reading—The Razors edge.

11 April 2945

Arrived at Guam this P.M.  Big place with many ships & aircraft–& drydocks & sub base.  Morning watch—good dinner  Some Japs still on Guam

12 April

Sailed from Guam this P.M. Was hoping to stay at Guam a short while & get ashore but no.  Went on 3 sec watch.  Have 12 day trip ahead of us to Pearl Harbor

13 April

Heard Roosevelt died this morning (King time).  That would be the 12th in states.  Got good sun tan (burn)

14    Truman is President

Still sailing toward Pearl.  Morning watch—mid watch tonight.  Stormy weather.

This PM msg on 608 from anzac said “Germany has surrendered.  Russia has declared war on Japan.”  Anzac is CTF51.  It was announced on PA system to crew.  A while later it was said to be unconfirmed.  Everyone was very gay for awhile & officers had started drinking.  It was quite a let-down.  I never saw men so disappointed.  Msg is a mystery.  Some still believe it’s true.  Some think it was someone trying to be funny & others think it was a Jap.

15    Sunday

Still no news on Germany affair.  No other station has as yet mentioned it.

Lat night 5 min Silent period for Roosevelt; this PM services for him.

Still sailing for Pearl

Mon 16 April

Sailing for Pearl—Set clocks ahead 1 hr.  Renewed my sun tan.

17 April

Morning watch; nice weather.  On to Pearl Harbor.

18 April

Sailing—at midnight tonight clocks will be set ahead 1 hr. & back 1 day as we cross international date line & 180 meridian going east.  Tomorrow will also be Wed. April 18.  Saw movie tonight in which some darkies sang Ezekial saw De Wheel—was reminded of Robt Gough when he used to sing in a quartet in high school.

18 April (2)

Slept all morning.  Took sun bath this P.M.  “C” Div each sent 1 pair whites to laundry for washing & ironing.  Got paid $120.  Heard Ernie Pyle was killed by a machine gun on Okinawa.  There was a radio program dedicated to him tonite which I heard.

Heard that navy losses at Okinawa exceeded army & marines probably because of suicide attacks by planes

19 April

Morning watch.  Nice weather—on to Pearl.  Got clean whites back from laundry.  I wrote letter home.

20 April

Capt’s inspection—all went well.  Sailing for Pearl

22 April

Sunday—morning watch.  Midwatch tonite.  Slept all afternoon.  Sailing——–

23 April

Arrived at Pearl today—cloudy.  Went on 4 sec watch.  Now in +9 1/2 time.

Received mail—package from Rag, package from Pink of advocates (note: the Clarkfield Advocate was Dad’s hometown newspaper–EKH)  Feb 15 & March 1, March 8, March 15, & Feb 22—many letters.  Kay said she dedicated blood to me.

24 April

Went to Honolulu on liberty.  Got crow sewed on, bot campaign bar & map.  Ate ice cream.  Got Haircut from lady barber

Got 37 letters in last 2 days.

25 April

At Pearl—AM watch, slept PM—mailed Shellback certificate, asked about glasses—said to wait till hit U. S.  So seems possible we go to states soon.

26 April

Slept all morning—writing letters this PM—received 39 letters in 3 days—17 from Pink, 12 from Rag, 3 from Kay & others.  Got 7 advocates & 2 boxes

27 Apr

At Pearl.  Stutchman visited us today.  He is assigned to an oiler.  The reason he went over the hill was because his brother was killed

28 April

Went to Hono. Took ???????????? at USO.  Saw “Fighting Lady.”  Very Good.

29 April

At Pearl

30 April

At Pearl.  Heard Mussolini killed at Milan.  Saw Pan Americana.

1 May

At Pearl.  Rumor Hitler dead—peace near.  Carrier Ticonderoga pulled into Pearl.  Saw “A Guest in the house”

2 May

Field day.  Late liberty but didn’t go.  At Pearl.

3 May

At Pearl

4 May

At Pearl—Field day—mail every day now.  Was paid $24

5 May

Was to be Capt’s inspection in whites this AM but it rained so called off.  Drill circuit—CW in AM, Voice in PM.  PM watch—midwatch tonite.  At Pearl.  Saw “Meet me in St. Louis”.  Started reading “Tarawu”.  Wolfe & I each got letter from Kay

6 May

Left Pearl with training force for 8 days operations.  Will return to Pearl the 14th.  Went on 3 sec watch.  G. Q. most of P.M.  Waymeyer paid $2 he borowed before Okinawa.

7 May

VE day.  Early this morning the news came.  Hasn’t been officially announced but know it’s true.

Arrived at Maui for training.  Maui is large mountainous & green island—pretty.  1A all day.

Hear many troops in Europe will be discharged—those overseas by spring 1943.

8 May

Truman says war is over in Europe.  Alnous etc—B Admiralty to limeys, “Splice the main brace”—double ration of grog/old sea expression

Many marches & victory speeches on radio

9 May

At Maui on manuevers.  This nite saw southern cross, coal sack & flares dropped from planes.

10 May

After being on antenna Upour party all this time I finally got a chance at it today.  Johnson Morales, Cvetan, & I strung an antenna this P. M.  Saw beautiful sunset tonite.  At Maui.

11 May

At Maui

12 May

At Kahoolawl on manuvers.  Finished amphib training.

13 May-Sun.

Sub & aircraft attack training.  Wrote to Kay.



14 May

Arrived Pearl harbor.  got 9 letters

15 May

At Pearl.  Sec 2 & 4 have liberty.  Field day.  PM & mid watch.  Secured Fox.PA 172  copying for uc.  Still have 355 KCS

16 May

Went to Honolulu.  Got haircut, bought ship picture, brought glasses to be repaired at Base Hosp.  got letter from Marilyn—to be married June 10.  Saw For Whom the bell tolls

17 May

Are painting rdo shack.  HS Mercy & AV intrepid at Pearl

22 May

Still at Pearl but switched berths to a dock.   Took aboard some sailors & seabags.  Band from PA 220 played tonite—show was “Between 2 women”—Gillespie show.  Has been rumor for long time we are going to States.  Now seems certain we sail tomorrow for Frisco.  Resumed Fox Guard.

23 May

This AM picked up glasses at Base Hosp no. 8.  This PM the good ship Navarro sailed from Section base Pearl harbor toward San Fransisco, United States of America.

We have cargo of mental cases

24 May

On to San Francisco

25 May

Sailing—getting cooler

26 May

Sailing toward Frisco  Field day—zone inspect

Securing Log

26 MAY