Association Memo

Annual membership dues are current from January 1st through December 31st.

Annual dues are $15.00, 5 years for $70.00 and paid up Life Membership is $130.00. Past dues do not have to be made up. Members that have not paid their dues will be carried on the roster for two years after the last year in which they paid their dues. Your $15.00 will get you a current years membership in our association. Check the current years membership roster to determine if yours are due. If your dues are current, keep the form and use it to notify me of any changes, i.e. address, phone numbers, etc.

Paid up dues are required to attend the reunion and receive the membership roster.

Annual dues are used to cover the cost of phone calls, postage, printing and office supplies in the production and mailing of the membership roster, the reunion registration letter and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the arrangements for the annual reunion.

My duties are to collect the annual dues, maintain, publish and mail the membership roster and provide the shipmates that are hosting the upcoming reunion with mailing labels. Net dues will be forwarded to our treasurer, Pete Sardina.

Without members our association will cease to exist so please remit your dues and help keep our association strong. If you know of any shipmates who are not members please encourage them to join and attend the reunions.

Very Respectfully,

Vernon Jackson
6509 54th Ave. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335-7493.
(253) 851-5195